Welcome to the EMBA Special Ballot. Voting Opens April 1 and Closes April 30, 2018. Please make sure your information is correct and that you only vote once as a second attempt may invalidate your ballot.

In 2018 it was moved to restore the Board back to 21 elected members (electing 7 each year) The feeling was that we did not have enough people to get all the jobs done with board members and that 15 was inadequate.
In 2016 We changed the bylaws at the yearly membership meeting from electing 21 to electing 15 members (5 per year) to reduce the size allow shorter meetings and use people from outside the board to accomplish our goals.

A YES vote today will restore the board to the original 21 members plus the 4 officers.
A NO vote will retain the current size of 15 plus 4 officers.

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